September 8, 2012 Executive

Executive Board Meeting, September 8, 2012

Present:  Yon W, Sara T, Elizabeth L, Ellen M, Greg H, Hansa J, Roni P, Susan M.

Susan M. passed on the club materials to the new co-chairs.

Yon opened the meeting.   She informed the group that a family emergency will cause her to be absent for stretches of time during the coming months.   Hansa agreed to serve as co-president in her place, and Yon will serve in Hansa’s place as co-vice president for programs.

Yon read a letter from Jacob Z, the new webmaster, who could not be in attendance.  His plans were outlined.  He invited the membership to submit bios, personal profiles, and photographs of work or other pottery activities for inclusion on the website.    He also invited any submissions concerning events, workshops, or website suggestions.  All interested should send their information to him at .

A discussion followed re: hopes for increased member participation in the website.

The Fall Show is scheduled November 30 – December 3.   Publicity will include emails and postcards. The Chairs for the fall show are asked to contact Garret Park to verify that the Town Hall has been reserved.

Publicity duties were discussed.  Karen A. will create flyers and postcards for MP Sales this year. Eventually we want to replace postcards with email notices about MP sales. Publicity/public announcements have been done only for the Fall/Spring sales and thus it will become a job category for the Fall/Spring Sales.

Yon reported on behalf of Dee T. that the Lynnbrook Center is reserved and paid for.  The meeting dates for the coming year are on the website.

The Program for the first meeting will be a presentation by Linda B. Members are asked to bring their favorite textured pots and texturing tools for group sharing and discussion.  Linda B. will bring clay and tools for members to play with. She will also bring wooden texture tools available for sale if any members wish to purchase them.

The proposed 2013 budget was presented by Sara and discussed. Liz talked about increased costs for DVDs. Ellen talked about no need for postage as most members received the newsletter on line. The Creative Crafts Council costs are up due to requirement this year to provide funds for a prize. Increases to Library and Creative Crafts Council budgets and budgeting for Sunshine committee were partially offset by reductions in budgets for Hospitality and Administration. The proposed budget will be distributed with the newsletter for approval by the membership at the September meeting. The club as of Sept. 1 has a balance of $5758.76.

Hospitality needs for the first meeting were arranged.

Fruit:  Bevolin A.

Cheese and Crackers:  Loren S.

Veggies:  Roni P.

Drinks:  Liz L

Sweets:  Ellen M.