September 21 and September 26, 2011

Montgomery Potters September Meeting Notes

9/21 (Executive Meeting) and 9/26, 2011 (Group Meeting)

Treasurer’s Report (Jacob) – In FY2011 we budgeted $2700 and spent $2689.  $1000 was allocated for programs; $600 was spent.   We have a surplus of $5774 starting FY2012.  We increased the library fund from $150 to $200.  We allocated $200+ for website assistance if needed.

Programs (Natalia, Gitte, Yonh) – The tentative October program is Novie Trump.  Natalia will be attending the Clay Connection conference in Virginia to identify other local artists.  Malcolm Davis and a program on sumi brush techniques are being considered.

Newsletter (Ellen) Almost all members are receiving the newsletter electronically.   Ellen is donating postage for a few people who want hard copies.

Communications/Website (Gitte, Beth).  A considerable amount of time in the executive meeting was spent discussing the website.  A lot of time and effort was put into improving the website by the team that was formed last year.  Apparently an email went out to the membership early summer requesting photos and there was very little response.  This lack of interest by the membership has led to Matt leaving the team feeling very discouraged that their efforts were not appreciated.  The executive membership concluded that having a current website is very important Montgomery Potters.  Jacob set up a Paypal account so that membership dues can be paid on-line.  Beth will try it and send out instructions.  It will cost about $100 a year in fees.

We discussed how to proceed with the website without the task being a burden to any one person.  WordPress allows our website to be managed by multiple people.  It now becomes a club activity and everyone can participate.   It can be as robust as we want to make it.  Everyone was encouraged to send in photos and an artist statement to .   There are several websites that can help generate an artist statement.  Members can Google “artist statement generator” or look at websites of artists they like for ideas.   At a minimum, each member of the executive committee should take responsibility for uploading information they are responsible for.  However there still needs to be an overall coordinator to remind people to upload information.

A motion was made and passed to give $300 to Matt for his efforts to convert our website to WordPress.   It was a lot of work and we are appreciative of his efforts.   Gitte will send a card.

Creative Crafts Council – 2012 is the fundraising year.  Leigh P. will be taking over from Gitte as the Montgomery Potters liaison.  Karen A. is the liaison for the Kiln Club and will serve as back-up.

Fall Survey Results (Julie).  Last year a survey was done to propose changes to the Fall show.  37 people responded, although not everyone answered every question making the results difficult to assess.   Nevertheless, the executive team discussed the results and made the following decisions.

1)  There will be no change to the rule that requires membership for 6 months prior to participating in the fall show.   2) Although there was support for having only a two day show, the extra cost of arranging for the tables to be picked up Saturday evening would not significantly offset the facility rental fee.   3) The small group of people who would like to participate in the Glen Echo show may pick up their work Saturday evening only after the show closes so they don’t distract shoppers.   4) There were other notable recommendations such as having written job descriptions for all jobs, allowing fewer pots to be set out, adding additional bookcases for display, requiring two cashiers at all time, and fair pricing.  These items will be passed onto the coordinators for the 2011 show for action.

Spring Show (Sara T, Bev S, Shelly S).  Other more upscale locations for the spring show are being considered.  However, so far none met the existing criteria for a suitable space.  At the meeting Bev reported that one church is still being considered.

Juried Show (Yonina B).  The juried show will be held next March (2012) in Sandy Spring.  Bill Van Gilder will be the juror.

Hospitality.  Brenda volunteered to do this job.

Building Liaison (Dee)  Payment was made for the 6 upcoming meetings.

Supplies (Mary db).  No report; the materials from the spring show reside in her basement and will be brought to the fall show as one of Mary’s jobs.  She will not participate in the spring show and someone as a job will have to pick up and return the materials.

Fall Show – Several people offered to help with the Fall Show, but not be one of the 2 lead coordinators.   We are at risk of not having a show for the first time in nearly 40 years.  In the meantime we need to move forward with preparing the postcard.  Please send photo’s to Karen.

Library – Three new items were purchased: a DVD on Variations on Raku; a DVD on Robin Hopper; and a book on Slab Techniques.