March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

President Sue M opened the meeting, made introduction and welcome to new members.


Library – Liz L explained the working of the library to new members, discussed intentions for new purchases, and encouraged people to purchase the old Ceramics-related magazines that provide the library extra funds.

Membership – Beth P

There are 18 new members this year so that overall membership is about even (18 dropouts).


Dee T announced several people have pottery equipment for sale; see the newsletter for details.

Spring Sale – Beverly S and Sara T reviewed changes in sale rules and inventory tags (which will now resemble the Glen Echo tags with price on top), and emphasized the need for all participants to provide either a sturdy table, shelves, or risers (or pay a nominal amount toward rental of such equipment).

They announced that there would be sheets for sign up for those participating in the sale at the meeting break.

Eileen M – Chair of the Creative Craft Council

Eileen called for donations to their silent and live auction fundraiser June 14. She announced that this year the approach is different with your donation on consignment meaning the artist can chose to receive a percentage of the item’s price.  For further questions contact Leigh P, the contact person for Montgomery Potters to the CCC. Donations can be brought to the next meeting on April 23 or given directly to the CCC in May. Check their website for details.

Please nicely wrap the donation as one would give the purchaser.


Pot Luck Dinner is May 21st in Kensington at Ann L’s house. Signup for the pot luck will be at the next meeting in April.

Election and Nominating Committees

Sue M is calling for volunteers.


Jacob gave a brief statement that our treasury has approximately $5,000.

Moving of the future Spring Show

Bev and Sara called for suggestions of other venues for the show.

Sandy Spring Show

The reception will be Sunday April 2 (subsequently postponed to April 22); take down has been moved to Wednesday, May 30 to avoid Memorial Day.

Sandy Spring Juried Show

Bill Van Gilder, juror for the Sandy Spring Show, made comments after jurying the work members brought for the show.  He commended everyone for their high standard of work.  Suggested, after looking at our group and our median age, that we teach our skills to someone younger

He is often asked is it a hard job to jury a show and answers no that the best pots jump out.  His criteria in selecting pots are the following:

1)   Clean work, no sharp edges. Bases are clean and smooth. Rims are considered

2)   Sources – if too obvious will not be considered for the show

3)   Copying nature – if done must be done well

4)   Scale – built and created at correct scale. Generally scaling up will help a piece

5)   Looks for a strong style that predominates the 5 pieces as opposed to too varied work. Some experimenting is good but one will come back to what is comfortable and that is where your best work may come from. Develop your strength and that is where your best work is going

6)   Difference between loose and sloppy is being in control. At first loose and sloppy but later loose with control.

7)   Watch out for work that is too derivative of another potter’s work.

At the moment Bill Van Gilder is experimenting with low fired salt firing

He was impressed with the gamut of work that was shown, calling us “pot making- demons”.  He also was impressed with the level of craftsmanship of the submissions.

Suggested we look at what he has chosen for the show before leaving the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.