Nov 14 2022


7:00 pm

Program: The Art of Dining: An Evening with Alleghany Meadows

The Art of Dining: An Evening with Alleghany Meadows

Alleghany Meadows will be speaking to us from Carbondale, Colorado, where he maintains a studio practice, among other things.  Alleghany has established a ceramics Gallery, two  collaborative artists spaces, and maybe most famously, he co-created Artstream.

In his presentation to Montgomery Potters, “The Art of Dining”, Alleghany will share some of the insights, lessons, and observations gained through making work for a renowned chef for the past 5 years as well as during two collaborative workshops taught at Anderson Ranch. The workshops, both called “Studio, Farm, Table: The Art of Dining,” were co-taught with chef Barclay Dodge of BOSQ, Aspen. Workshop participants were called upon to deeply consider pottery as it functions in service and display, focusing on presentation, seasonal influences, and creative decision making from both the potter’s view and that of a chef working to create a sensory experience for his patrons.

After completion of his MFA at Alfred University, Alleghany worked as an apprentice in Japan, received a Fellowship for study of potters in Nepal, and was an artist-in-residence at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

 On his website, Alleghany states: “I believe that ordinary domestic rituals can have a profound impact on the human condition”. 

This is a sentiment many of us consider as we are drawn to making functional pots, and Allegheny’s work embodies this completely in form and intention.