Vidya Vijayasekharan

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I am an art-historian and an artist, living and working in Maryland. I started taking ceramic lessons as an adult; and the making of functional vessels soon included abstract sculptural forms, both organic and geometric. My work is inspired by my travels through urban cityscapes and geological landforms, which in turn is spurred by my interest in the migration of people and ideas; these ceramics are my response to man-made cultures and the natural environment.

I use a variety of stoneware and each type of clay comes with its unique personality and characteristics that allow me to respond to those properties. My interest in architecture, design and the Asian aesthetic are reflected in these hand-built, slab and coil construction ceramic sculptures that are fired at cone 6/7. The textured and patterned surfaces are the result of engraving, stamping, inlay and carving. Some pieces are burnished and gilded, while others have multiple applications of slips, stains and glazes. My hand, as well as the clay and the fire from the kiln mark the form and surface of each piece.