Nancy Jakubowski

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Instagram Page: http://nancy.jakubowski/
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Phone Number: 301-792-9866

I seek to share my observations of the beauty I find in nature and creatures through my pottery and sculptures. Rockfaces, dead trees, melting ice covering running brooks, water carved sand beds, the shapes of birds, animals, and faces all inspire my work. I love atmospheric firing and much of my work is Raku fired, and more recently I have been exploring wood firing and am fascinated with the way the fire paints my pieces. I have had the privilege of having my work accepted into several juried shows including the Biennial Creative Crafts Council Exhibition, the Strathmore Juried Art Exhibition, Falls Church Arts Gallery shows, and Annmarie Arts Center shows. But mostly, I have had the honor of people purchasing my work and feeling a connection to it, which is the most rewarding feeling for an artist.