Klaudia Levin

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  I have always loved clay, and I have always loved to work with my hands. I participated in my first pottery class in Newton Massachusetts about twenty one years ago. Very quickly pottery became a passion, and I spent all my free time on the wheel. After two years at the lovely pottery studio in the New Art Center, I moved on to the Harvard Arts Ceramics Program, where I found great teachers and lifetime friends. At Harvard I was introduced to reduction firing and soda firing.  Mastering these techniques has influenced my art and pot making. I think of the flow from inside a pot to the outside.  I think of the relationship of the foot to the rim, and the intangible importance of the weightiness. Clay is such an amazing material, with inexhaustible possibilities.  I started to hand build and alter my forms, and found another door open to create original shapes. With many years of experience and control over the wheel I started to think of more shapes and colors, and more about light and negative space. When I was introduced to raku and saggar firing, I knew I found my passion. These techniques are fascinating and challenging. The play with fire, color, depths and shapes are endless and brings me every time to a new place with new creation and ideas.