Rockville Memorial Library
Rockville Memorial Library


Dec 01 - 30 2021


Please check the Library's hours before your visit. Installation of the exhibit will be early on 12/1; and take-down will be late on 12/30.
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Winter Celebration(s)

The winter season is always a surprise in Maryland – will we have lots of snow or leave our coats off to run outside?  Do we have family traditions for a particular holiday or are we making new traditions as we move deeper into winter months?  Ceramic work is as surprising as our winter season, and we hope to surprise with new pots, new sculpture, and all things clay.  Our new exhibit at the Rockville Memorial Library in the Beall Avenue cases will include all types of ceramic work highlighting our winter and our celebration(s) thereof and therein.  Please check the library’s hours before your visit as they vary throughout the week.