Cathie Sheffield-Thompson

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It was the year 2014, and I had just retired from a 22-year career at NEA. My work experiences included information technology business systems analysis, being a webmaster for the higher education programs, and finally serving as an organizational development specialist.  After extensive travel doing executive coaching, strategic planning, team building and facilitation, I was ready to turn in my frequent flyer miles and follow some passions I then had the time to pursue.

I’m mesmerized by the movement of the clay on the wheel. It’s a space of meditation, patience, and detachment.  My creativity comes alive as I decorate with simplicity. I started designing patterns of lines and dots.  I play in bubbles, decorate using shaving cream, tape resist and shellac resist.  Almost everything I make is functional, colorful, and shiny.

My creativity is limitless, and I continue to learn and grow with every pot I make.