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Amy worked as a graphic designer for 40 years– starting in high school. During that time she has also taken classes in, and practiced, many forms of art. Glass fusing,  glass bead making, stained glass, silk painting, painting, pastels, calligraphy, metalsmithing, weaving, etc.  Right now she is stuck on pottery so she designed a bright blue and green pottery studio and had it built in her tiny back yard in Silver Spring.

Perpetually a tester of all things Amy is constantly changing her focus and trying new techniques and ideas.  (It is a good thing she doesn’t need to make a living selling the ceramic items she makes.)

Color, uniqueness, form, and function figure most prominently in her work. There are so many new things to try and test that she often finds it difficult to focus and decide what to make or how to make it.  For this reason her body of work is small– but her understanding of many things is large. (At least the body of work she lets people see is small– her attic is quite full of pottery and ceramic “art” that will most definitley not make her posthumously famous.)

Someday she hopes to find her niche and produce many amazing, or at least useful, things.  Until then she is just having fun playing with mud and grandkids.