The Montgomery Potters Library is a great resource for our members.  It includes classic texts as well as the most recent published books and DVDs.  Books and videos are free to check out, and DVDs require a $10 deposit.  We enforce late fees to encourage members to return the resources on time so all members will have access to them. There is a $1 monthly late fee for books and videos, and a $2 monthly late fee for DVDs.

The current co-librarians are Elizabeth Langsfeld and Klaudia Levin.  Please feel free to email them with comments and suggestions at


Select Series Box Set (Step by Step “How to” Projects), Ceramic Arts Daily, 2016.

Surface Decoration Techniques, Anderson Turner, The American Ceramic Society, 2014.

Colour in Glazes, Linda Bloomfield, The American Ceramic Society, 2014.

500 Prints on Clay, Paul Andrew Wandless, Lark Ceramics, 2013.

In The Potter’s Kitchen, Sumi von Dassow, The American Ceramic Society, 2014.

The Extruder Book (Second Edition), Daryl E. Baird, The American Ceramic Society, 2014.

Cone 5-6 GlazesBill Jones ed., Ceramic Arts Handbook, 2013

Hand Building, Shay Amber, Lark Studio Series, 2010

Wheel Throwing, Emily Reason, Lark Studio Series, 2010

Ceramic Sculptures, Lark Studio Series, 2011


Forming Finishing & Firing: An Approach to the Wood Kiln with Donovan Palmquist, Ceramics Arts Daily, 2017.

Sewing Clay: Slab Building & Slip Transferred Patterns with Lauren Karle, Ceramics Arts Daily, 2016.

Ceramic Decals: New Ideas & Techniques with Justin Rothshank, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2016.

Layering Techniques for Sumptuous Surfaces with Colleen Riley, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2016.

Simple Elegance: Slab Building & Glaze Color Exploration with Birdie Boone, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2016.

Gestural Imagery and Form with Mel Griffin, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2016.

In the Studio with Randy Johnston and Jan McKeachie Johnston, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2015.

Darted and Decorated: Techniques for Enhancing Form and Surface with Jennifer Allen, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2015.

Intermediate Wheel Throwing with Jennifer Allen, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2015.

Fundamentals of Wheel Throwing with Jennifer Allen, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2015.

Low-Tech Clay – High End Results with Kari Radasch, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2015.

Getting Creative with Spouts and Handles, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2015.

Making and Decorating for Surface Depth with Lisa Orr, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2015.

Handbuilding with Color and Texture with Lana Wilson, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2015.

Handbuilding Modular Forms with Stiff Slabs, Scott Dooley, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014.

Precise Imprecision: Strengthening Throwing Skills to Create Dynamic Functional Pottery, Mike Jabbur, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014.

Layers of Color: Exploring Form and Surface Pattern in Slip-Cast Pottery, Andrew Gilliatt, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014.

The Graphic Pot: Handbuilding and Surface Techniques, Jason Bige Burnett, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014.

The Extruder Video, Daryl E. Baird, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014.

Raku Firing: Expanding the Potential of the Raku Kiln, Marcia Selsor, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014.

Handbuilt Forms with Soft Slabs: Developing Ideas, Sketches, and Patterns into Functional Pottery, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014 (DVD)

Platters: Four Approaches to Making and Decorating Plates, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014 (DVD)

Flat to Functional, Handbuilding and Slip Decorating with Lisa Naples, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014 (DVD)

Handbuilding Texture and Surface, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2014 (DVD)

Pouring Vessels, Suze Lindsay, 2013 (DVD)

New Directions in China Painting, Paul Lewing, 2013 (DVD)

Creative Tile Making with Angelica PozoCeramic Arts Daily, 2013 (DVD)

Design for the Soft Surface with Ben CarterCeramic Arts Daily, 2013 (DVD)

Assembly Required: Building Complex Pottery Forms with Jake Allee, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2013 (DVD)

Form, Pattern And Underglaze with Meredith Host, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2013 (DVD)

Slabs, Templates, Texture, & Terra SigillataJeremy Randall, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2012 (DVD)

Lively Forms and Expressive Surfaces, Mark Peters, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2012 (DVD)

Creating Curves with ClayMartha Grover, Ceramics Arts Daily, 2012 (DVD)

Integrating Form and Surface with Porcelain, Lorna Meaden, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2012 (DVD)

Slab and Coil BuildingGail Kendall, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2012 (DVD)

Clay Projects and Fundamentals, a resource for aspiring artists and teachers, Neil Patterson, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2012 (DVD)

Pieces and Patterns: Complex Forms from Handbuilt and Wheel-Thrown Parts, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2011 (DVD)

The Surface Techniques of Steven Hill, A Rushing Waters Studio Production, 2011 (DVD)

Fundamentals of Mold Making and Slipcasting, Guy Michael Davis, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2011 (DVD)

What If? Explorations with Texture and Soft Slabs, Sandi Pierantozzi, Ceramic Arts Daily, 2011 (DVD)

Pottery Decoration: Traditional Techniques, Tom Shafer and Stephen Jepson, Ceramics Arts Daily, 2011 (DVD)

Screen Printing on Clay, Paul Andrew Wandless, Ceramics Arts Daily, 2011 (DVD)

Throwing with Slabs and Coils, Bonnie Staffel (DVD)

Surface Decoration: Suede to Leatherhard, Kristin Kieffer (DVD)

Taking the Macho Out of Bigware, Tony Clenell (DVD)

Handbuilding with Mitch Lyons, Mitch Lyons (DVD)

Hot Damn! Pottree, Don Ellis and Randy Brodnax (DVD)

2003 NCECA Demonstrating Artist: Lana Wilson, NCECA (DVD)

2005 NCECA Demonstrating Artist: Bill Van Gilder, NCECA (DVD)

2006 NCECA Demonstrating Artist: Michael Sherrill, NCECA (DVD)

The Sleeping Pot, Randy Johnston, Warren MacKenzie, Ken Matsuzaki, Ron Meyers, Phil Rogers, 2008 (DVD)

Robin Hopper: Inspiration and Interpretation, Robin Hopper (DVD)

Get a Handle ON IT!, Tony Clenell (Video)