Susan Martin



I began working with clay in the late l as a way to balance my life while writing my doctoral dissertation. Although my time and energies were focused on career and family for the next 25 years, the lure of the malleable clay and the creative act drew me back to pottery and, in the past decade, working with clay has become a central focus in my life. I have taken a variety of workshops in wheel throwing (from Steven Hill, Linda McFarling and Gay Smith) and hand-building (from Lana Wilson and Sandra Blain), created a home studio, and now devote much of my time to expanding my skills and body of work. Photos of several of my pieces appeared in Ceramics Monthly (June, 2008), I have won awards in several juried shows, and have served as both vice president and president of Montgomery Potters. My work has been shown and sold in the DC area for the past decade.

My pots are primarily functional using mid-range white stoneware and porcelain pieces fired in an electric kiln. My current work focuses on exploring surface designs and textures through carving, piercing and altering and often combines wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques. I spray my glazes to get variation in the colors and textures of my pots. With each piece I seek to create a unique object that is pleasing to view and touch and which brings beauty and enjoyment into the lives of its users. The challenge of controlling the clay combined with the opportunity it provides for creativity, growth and surprise are what make pottery such an exciting adventure and source of joy.