Lisa Madden

Lisa holds a BA in Graphic Communication from Notre Dame College. She has been working with clay for almost 30 years, and has a studio in her home complete with electric kiln.

She only does handbuilding, specializing in what she terms dysfunctional decorative art (as opposed to a functional piece, such as a casserole).  She works mainly with commercial glazes and underglazes in bright colors, often hand painting figures onto the clay.  Hand painted tiles are a specialty.

Lisa also works with raku and stoneware clays, but prefers earthenware to obtain the brighter colors.

She has been a member and also President of the Clay Arts Guild in Cleveland, OH for several years, and recently moved to Laurel, MD and is now a member of the Montgomery Potters.

Her work may be seen at:, where you will need to do a search under “Artist” on her name.

LMadden1black_aroya_bowl1chip_dip1Clay ManlambLarge fishmulti_bowl_platterSanta_platesnowman_platesun_square_plateMexican dish_smallQuilted Tile_smallWoven Planter_smallRaku Flowers_smallWall Quilt_smallFace Mounted_small
Clay Man
Large fish
Mexican dish_small
Quilted Tile_small
Woven Planter_small
Raku Flowers_small
Wall Quilt_small
Face Mounted_small