Leigh Partington


hummingbirdI first got my hands muddy at age 4 making ceramic creations with “Miss Betty” Bodnarchuk, who was our neighbor and is the mother of the very talented sculptor, Raya Bodnarchuk. I began going to the newly opened Glen Echo Pottery in the early 1970’s while still in high school at the encouragement of my Walter Johnson high school art teacher, Bonnie Collier, and learned how to throw on the kick wheel. Drawing and painting have always been a major part of my life and an important means of expression as well, and I originally went to RISD with the dream of possibly becoming an illustrator. I finished school at Western Maryland College because of medical issues. I had epilepsy from age 11 until I had successful brain surgery at age 28. I returned to working with clay as a wonderful art therapy and a means of expressing my thoughts and feelings.

kittenPanda Mug Front View_small3489I have now been doing ceramic art in some form for over 30 years and my work is displayed and sold through the Art League of Germantown, which I’ve been active with since 2003, and the Montgomery Potters, where I have been a member on and off since 1980. My work has evolved into a combination of whimsical wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces with an emphasis on my love of and appreciation for animals, birds and nature in general. I incorporate illustrations onto many of my ceramic pieces using Speedball underglazes. I also do relief textured paintings on clay. I love music and have been making ocarinas since 2005.

loonI have a home studio, “Playin in the Mud”, where I teach ceramic handbuilding to children and adults. I take orders online and also have work at Something Earthy Gallery outside of Laytonsville. I participate in various shows/sales throughout the year.

Imagination is the limit!shadia