Montgomery Potters




Section 1.   This organization shall be known as “The Montgomery Potters.”

Section 2.   The purpose of The Montgomery Potters shall be to bring together those interested in ceramics; to increase skills, exchange ideas; to stimulate community interest in craft; to hold periodic exhibits and sales.


Section 1.   Those interested in ceramics and having a knowledge of the rudiments of the craft shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2.   Anyone joining the club must wait six months before they are eligible to sell at club-sponsored sales.

Section 3.   A member in good standing is one who has paid dues by the October meeting, and any fines accrued during the previous year. Any previous member paying dues after the October meeting shall be considered a new member with a new member’s restrictions.


Section 1.   The officers of this club shall be the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2.   The Council shall consist of the elected officers, the Chairmen of the committees, and the past President.


Section 1.   The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership. Amendments must be sponsored by signatures of no less than six members. Each member shall be sent a copy of the proposed amendment and may vote by mail before, or in person at, the second meeting following the date of issuance of the proposal for revision.

Section 2.   The by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership.  Amendments must be sponsored by signatures of no less than six members. Each member shall be sent a copy of the proposed amendments and may vote by mail before, or in person at, the second meeting following the date of issuance of the proposal for revision.



Section 1.    The President shall be the chief executive and preside at all meetings, and shall appoint Chairmen of committees for the year. The President shall call the Council to periodic meetings to discuss the business of the club. The President shall appoint all permanent committee Chairmen, and also all ad-hoc chairmen as needed.

Section 2.   The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and shall be Chairman of the program committee, in charge of programs at monthly meetings.

Section 3.   The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of the regular meetings and read the minutes of the previous month’s meeting. The Secretary shall also record the minutes of the Council meetings. The Secretary shall provide a copy of these minutes for the President.

Section 4.   The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for notifying members of regular meetings and all other correspondence, and for circulating names of new members to the membership.

Section 5.    The Treasurer shall receive all monies due the club and disburse such funds as authorized by the President or the membership. The Treasurer shall maintain a bank account for the club and keep an account of all monies received and paid out and give a report at each meeting. The Treasurer may submit club accounts to an auditor appointed by the President, to be audited by July 15, and may submit the audited report at the September meeting. A record shall be kept by budget category. The Treasurer with the aid and approval of the Council shall draft a budget proposal for the year, to be presented at the September meeting. It shall be based on expenditures of the previous year and reflect any member-approved costs not included in the previous year. The budget must be approved by a majority of the members.

Section 6.   The Council shall assist the President in an advisory capacity in conducting the business of the club.


Section 1.   Membership: The Chairman shall receive applications and dues for new members at any time and shall be responsible for preparing an annual membership directory to be distributed to all members. The Chairman shall supply the Corresponding Secretary and the Treasurer with names of new members. After payment of dues, each new member shall be provided with a directory and copy of the Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 2.   Workshop: The Chairman shall be responsible for arrangements and execution of plans for workshop activities agreed on for the membership, after consultation with the Council. Workshops should be self-supporting.

Section 3.    Sales: The Chairmen shall be responsible for each club sale. Only those members whose dues have been paid for six months or more before each sale may participate. The Chairman shall request a list of such members from the Membership Chairman. The Treasurer is authorized to make necessary temporary advances of funds without it being considered a budgeted item. Sales should be self-supporting. The commission rate shall be determined by totaling costs, then dividing by total sales less taxes. All members who participate in sales must inform the sale chairmen of their intention at least 30 days in advance of the sale date. They must also sign up to work at the designated number of jobs necessary. (At the time of printing, this section was being amended to paying dues by the October meeting.)

Section 4.    Judged Shows: The Chairmen shall be responsible for all arrangements for a yearly judged exhibition, in which all active members may participate. Each participant is guaranteed one work accepted.

Section 5.   Hospitality: The Chairmen shall select hostesses for the monthly meetings and shall act as coordinator for all social functions.

Section 6.   Librarian: The Chairman has custody of our library; makes books and tapes available to the membership at the monthly meetings; is responsible for collecting overdue charges and making purchases of books and tapes as budgeted and requested by the membership.

Section 7.   Greetings: The Chairmen shall at each meeting provide name tags and introduce new members.

Section 8.   Sunshine: The Chairmen shall send cards and flowers as needed.

Section 9.   Sunshine Ad Hoc Committee: The Chairmen shall be appointed by the President as necessary.


Section 1.   The representatives to the Creative Crafts Council shall be appointed biennially, to assist planning and executing the biennial Creative Crafts Show open to all local crafts persons.


Section 1.    Regular meetings shall be held monthly from September through May for the purpose of conducting the business of the club and to present a program.

Section 2.   The order of business shall be:

Call to order

Reading of the minutes

Treasurer’s report

Committee reports

Old business

New business



Section 3.   A business meeting may be suspended upon request of the President and agreement by a majority vote of the members present.


Section 1.   The April meeting shall be designated as the Annual Meeting and election of Officers shall take place at this time. In preparation for this, the following procedure shall be carried out:

(a)                                        In February the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee Chairman who shall select committee members to assist in preparing a slate of officers.

(b)                                       The Nominating Committee shall provide a slate of one or more candidates for each elective office.

(c)                                        The Nominating Committee shall send to each member a list of the nominees in the April newsletter.

(d)                                       Additional nominations may be made from the floor, at the April meeting, provided previous permission has been obtained from said nominee.

(e)                                        At the April meeting voting shall be by voice where there is a single nominee unless, by motion, a majority of those present request a written ballot. When there is more than one nominee for an office, voting shall be by written ballot.


Section 2.   Officers shall be installed in May at the end of the business meeting.

Section 3.   The Vice President shall succeed to the Office of President if necessary; all other vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the President, with approval of the Council.

Section 4.   Officers shall hold office until the end of the club year in May.


Section 1.    Dues shall be payable to the Treasurer beginning in September with a final due date of the October Montgomery Potters Meeting. Members in arrears as of the day following the October meeting will not be included in the directory or be eligible for the December club-sponsored sale. The status of members who pay after the date of the October meeting will be that of a new member.

Section 2.   Dues shall be determined by the requirements of the approved budget. New members joining the club after February first shall pay dues of one half of the annual amount.


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